Introducing Lookii

Someone is nearby...

Boost your social presence

Have you ever wonder how to boost your social presence during an event, a fest or a party, without loosing valuable time?

Get new contacts nearby

How many times have you missed the chance to get in touch with someone, simply because you forgot to share your contact card?

Sync all your favorites

By configuring your personal card, you will be able to share your contact among friends and nearby people, thanks to Lookii™ technology.

What is Lookii?

Organize, share and keep in touch your contacts.

Proximity Social Network

Add traditional social contacts to your Lookii™ and increase your visibility, exploiting proximity marketing.

Collect contacts nearby

During a crowded event, a fest or a party broadcast your contact to the whole participants, in a shot.


Stay up-to-date

Favorites and contacts that already use Lookii™ will be always up-to-date, automagically.

Privacy that matters

Thanks to fine grain preferences, you can always decide what to share amoung nearby and favorites.

" ...a whole new way to find and keep in touch

 interesting people around you..."


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